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Students Pick Up the Following Items.

ALL Students Receiving a Bachelor Degree will Pick Up:

* Please note that graduates receiving a bachelors degree do not receive a hood or colored tassel.

Students Receiving a Masters Degree will Pick Up:

Students Receiving a Doctorate or PhD Degree will Pick Up:

Students Receiving Honorary Adornments: Please contact your degree program for more information. All honors adornments are distributed by your degree program.

Accounting M.A. White
Accounting Ph.D. Royal Blue
Adult and Lifelong Learning M.Ed. Light Blue
Adult and Lifelong Learning Ed.D. Light Blue
Agricultural and Extension Education M.S. Gold
Agricultural Economics M.S. Gold
Agricultural Food and Life Sciences M.S. Gold
Animal Science MS. Gold
Animal Science Ph.D. Royal Blue
Anthropology M.A. White
Anthropology Ph.D. Royal Blue
Art M.F.A. Dark Brown
Athletic Training M.AT. Sage Green
Biological Engineering M.S.B.E. Orange
Biological Engineering Ph.D. Royal Blue
Biology MS. Gold
Biology Ph.D. Royal Blue
Biomedical Engineering M.S.B.M.E. Orange
Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. Royal Blue
Business Administration M.B.A. Drab
Business Administration Ph.D. Royal Blue
Cell and Molecular Biology MS. Gold
Cell and Molecular Biology Ph.D. Royal Blue
Chemical Engineering M.S.Ch.E. Orange
Chemical Engineering Ph.D. Royal Blue
Chemistry M.S. Gold
Chemistry Ph.D. Royal Blue
Childhood Education M.A.T. White
Civil Engineering M.S.C.E. Orange
Civil Engineering Ph.D. Royal Blue
Communication M.A. White
Communication Disorders M.S. Gold
Community Health Promotion M.S. Gold
Community Health Promotion Ph.D. Royal Blue
Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies M.A. White
Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies Ph.D. Royal Blue
Computer Engineering M.S.Cmp.E. Orange
Computer Engineering Ph.D. Royal Blue
Computer Science M.S. Gold
Computer Science Ph.D. Royal Blue
Counseling M.S. Gold
Counselor Education Ph.D. Royal Blue
Creative Writing M.F.A. Dark Brown
Crop Soil and Environmental Sciences M.S. Gold
Crop Soil and Environmental Sciences Ph.D. Royal Blue
Curriculum and Instruction M.Ed. Light Blue
Curriculum and Instruction Ph.D. Royal Blue
Curriculum and Instruction Ed.S. Light Blue
Drama M.F.A. Dark Brown
Economics M.A. White
Economics Ph.D. Royal Blue
Education Policy Ph.D. Royal Blue
Educational Leadership M.Ed. Light Blue
Educational Leadership Ed.D. Light Blue
Educational Statistics and Research Methods M.S. Gold
Educational Statistics and Research Methods Ph.D. Royal Blue
Educational Technology M.Ed. Light Blue
Electrical Engineering M.S.E.E. Orange
Electrical Engineering Ph.D. Royal Blue
Engineering M.S.E. Orange
Engineering Ph.D. Royal Blue
English M.A. White
English Ph.D. Royal Blue
Entomology MS. Gold
Entomology Ph.D. Royal Blue
Environmental Dynamics Ph.D. Royal Blue
Environmental Engineering M.S.En.E. Orange
Finance Ph.D. Royal Blue
Food Science M.S. Gold
Food Science Ph.D. Royal Blue
French M.A. White
Geography M.A. White
Geology M.S. Gold
German M.A. White
Higher Education M.Ed. Light Blue
Higher Education Ed.D. Light Blue
History M.A. White
History Ph.D. Royal Blue
Horticulture M.S. Gold
Human Environmental Sciences MS. Gold
Human Resource and Workforce Development Education M.Ed. Light Blue
Human Resource and Workforce Development Education Ed.D. Light Blue
Industrial Engineering M.S.I.E. Orange
Industrial Engineering Ph.D. Royal Blue
Information Systems M.l.S. Drab
Information Systems Ph.D. Royal Blue
Journalism M.A. White
Kinesiology MS. Gold
Kinesiology Ph.D. Royal Blue
Management Ph.D. Royal Blue
Marketing Ph.D. Royal Blue
Mathematics M.S. Gold
Mathematics Ph.D. Royal Blue
Mechanical Engineering M.S.M.E. Orange
Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. Royal Blue
Microelectronics-Photonics M.S. Gold
Microelectronics-Photonics Ph.D. Royal Blue
Middle Level Education M.A.T. White
Music M.M. Pink
Nursing M.S.N. Apricot
Operations Management M.S.O.M. Gold
Philosophy M.A. White
Philosophy Ph.D. Royal Blue
Physical Education M.Ed. Light Blue
Physics M.A. White
Physics Ph.D. Royal Blue
Plant Pathology M.S. Gold
Plant Science Ph.D. Royal Blue
Political Science M.A. White
Poultry Science MS. Gold
Poultry Science Ph.D. Royal Blue
Psychology Ph.D. Royal Blue
Public Administration M.P.A. Peackock Blue
Public Policy Ph.D. Royal Blue
Recreation & Sport Management M.Ed. Light Blue
Recreation & Sport Management Ed.D. Light Blue
Rehabilitation M.S. Gold
Rehabilitation Ph.D. Royal Blue
Secondary Education M.A.T. White
Secondary Mathematics M.A. White
Social Work M.S.W. Citron
Sociology M.A. White
Space and Planetary Sciences M.S. Gold
Space and Planetary Sciences Ph.D. Royal Blue
Spanish M.A. White
Special Education M.Ed. Light Blue
Statistics M.S. Gold
Supply Chain Ph.D. Royal Blue
Transportation Engineering M.S.T.E. Orange

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