Finding Your Booklist in UAConnect

You can find the list of books your professors have submitted in your UAConnect page. The University of Arkansas requires all instructors to submit their list of materials before the start of each semester. This list is available to you in UAConnect, and will automatically take you to the Bookstore page. The Bookstore carries all materials required by University classes (provided the instructor has submitted the list).

There are two ways you can look up your books. You can bring your printed schedule into the store, you can look up your classes in store, or you can order your books online by looking up the materials in UAConnect. Here's how:

Log into your UAConnect account.

Click myConnect and sign in using your UARK ID and password.


Find your class schedule

Once you're logged in, click on the dropdown that reads "other academic...". Select the option "Class Schedule".

Academics Dropdown

View Materials

At the top of your schedule, click the "View Materials" link.

View Materials

Shop your booklist

You'll be directed to the Bookstore's booklist page with your materials listed automatically. From here, you can order online or print your list.


As always, you can also look up your books individually by visiting the course builder page.