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All Systems are Compatible with University Recommendations

University Recommendations

General Recommendations for Students (on-campus and online)

PROCESSOR2.1GHz Intel Core i3 or better
SOFTWARE Windows: MS Office 365; Symantec Antivirus (Free)
WindowsMicrosoft Windows 10
MacMac OS 10.14 or higher
ACCESSORIES 16GB+ Flash Drive, Webcam, Microphone & Ethernet Cable
Click to See College Specific Recommendations

Computer Apple

Why Choose Apple?

Using a Mac is a great experience. They are simple to use, portable, and have excellent battery life. Mac can run Windows, too. If you love your iPhone, chances are that you’ll love a Mac.

Computer Dell

 Why Choose Dell?

Many of the Dells that we carry come with 3 years of Complete Care. This protects your computer from accidental damage – drops and spills. In addition, some courses require Windows-only programs such as Microsoft Access.

Where Do I Go If My Computer Breaks?

The U of A Computer Store, located in the Garland Center across from the NW Quad. We are proudly certified to repair Apple & Dell systems here on campus.

Student Technology Information


For information, visit ITS Printing website.

Antivirus / Security

Symantec AntiVirus is provided free-of-charge to U of A students, faculty, and staff. Those living in residence halls are required to install this software. ITS recommends antivirus for all computers on the university network.
 » Download from the ITS software site.

Before you install Symantec AntiVirus

It is important to make sure you’ve uninstalled other antivirus software such as free trials or older versions of Symantec, Norton, McAfee, etc. before installing Symantec AntiVirus from the university.

Windows: Go to Programs and Features in the Control Panel to remove the old software.

Mac: In Applications, go to your existing antivirus software folder and use the Uninstaller to remove the software. If there is no Uninstaller, delete your antivirus software and its related folders.

Microsoft Office

Office 365 is privided FREE OF CHARGE to all U of A students, faculty and staff.
Download Office 365

Not sure what to do? Our Service Center can update your windows system with all the latest MS patches, remove conflicting software, load the campus antivirus for $39.00.

Tech Spot: General Access Computer Labs

Most campus computer labs offer both Dell and Apple units, as well as equipment checkout.
All offer quota based laser printing.

Applications available include but are not limited to: MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Math & Statistical software, and AutoCAD.

Fall and Spring hours are listed below. For more information, visit the ITS Computer Labs site.

STUDENT TECHNOLOGY CENTER Tech Lounge, Digital Media Lab, Gaming Studio, Team Room
3rd floor of the Student Union
M-F, 7AM to midnight; Sat 9AM to midnight; Sun 12PM to midnight
(479) 575-8602
ARKANSAS UNION M-F, 8AM to midnight; Sat 2PM to midnight closed Sun
(479) 575-8611
MULLINS LIBRARY M-Th, 7AM to 2AM; Fri 7AM to 11PM; Sat 10AM to 11PM; Sun 12PM to 2AM
(479) 575-8611
GORDON MORGAN HALL 24-hour access for residents
General Use Hours 6AM to 11PM
(479) 575-5708
JB HUNT ROOM 253 M-F, 7AM to 10PM; closed Sat and Sun
(479) 575-8611
KIMPEL HALL 319 M-F, 8AM to 5PM; closed Sat and Sun
(479) 575-8611

Departmental Recommendations

College of Engineering

Recommended computers:

Windows is recommended for engineering students because some degrees will require the use of CAD programs. If running Windows on a Mac, click here for details. Each department may have specific hardware recommendations for incoming students. Please check with your future department to verify needs.

General Configuration Recommendation

» 1.6GHz+ Intel Core i5 8th Generation or better
» 8GB+ RAM
» 256GB+ Solid State Storage
» Windows 10 64-bit (or ability to dual boot to Windows 10)
» Battery life up to 10 hours
» 1920 x 1080 minimum resolution
» 802.11ac or better wireless
» Accidental Damage Coverage (at least 3 Years)

Technology support

Biological and Agricultural Engineering
» Lab: ENGR 205, (479) 575-3547 or [email protected]

Biomedical Engineering
» Lab: ENGR 109, (479) 575-7395 or [email protected]

Civil Engineering
» Lab: BELL 4133, (479) 575-4048 or [email protected]

Chemical Engineering
» Lab: BELL 2254, BELL 2277 (479) 575-7377 or [email protected]

Computer Science / Computer Engineering
» Lab: JBHT 215, (479) 575-3822 or [email protected]

Electrical Engineering
» Labs: BELL 3008 and ENGR 112, (479) 575-7472 or [email protected]

Freshman Engineering
» Lab: ENGR 337, (479) 575-6373 or [email protected]

Industrial Engineering
» Lab: BELL 4128, BELL 4133, (479) 575-3547 or [email protected]

Mechanical Engineering
» Lab: MEEG 101, MEEG 211, (479) 575-4847 or [email protected]

J. William Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences

Recommended computers:

With most degrees, you will be fine following the general recommendations. However, for Art, Music, & Journalism majors, it is recommended that you get a Mac.

» Apple or Dell that meets general recommendations.

Labs available in:

» KIMP 319, MAIN 205—Teaching Lab

For lab hours of operation, locations, and lab specific equipment contact: (479) 575-7512 or email [email protected]

College of Education & Health Professionals

Recommended computers:

» Apple or Dell that meets general recommendations.

Labs available in:

» Peabody Hall 125, Grad Ed 351, Epley 118

For COEHP lab hours of operation, locations, and lab specific equipment call 479-575-6262, visit the College of Education and Health Professions lab site or email [email protected]

Fay Jones School of Architecture

Recommended computers:

You will need a computer capable of running Autocad and Adobe Design Standard for 5 years. Windows is required for CAD/CAM Programs. Mac owners are required to run Windows. Click here for details

» Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
» Intel XEON Processor
» Dedicated Graphics Memory (2GB or more)
» 16GB of RAM minimum
» 512GB Solid State Drive
» Available at the U of A Computer Store

Labs available in:

» Vol Walker Hall: VIZLab, Studio, Material Shop, Smart Media Center with equipment checkout, IDES Resource room

Plotting / Printing paid for with RazorBucks

For School of Architecture lab hours of operation, locations, IT support, and lab specific equipment visit the School of Architecture lab site or email [email protected] for IT support.

Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food, & Life Sciences

Recommended computers:

The Bumpers College is a Windows centric college. If you prefer a Mac, loading Windows is advised.
» Dell that meets general recommendations
» Apple with 8GB RAM + Windows

Labs available in:

AFLS B-108, HOEC 028, & POSC L101 with Adobe Creative Suite, MS Office. Visit the Bumpers Lab site to see entire software list, hours of operation and locations.

Contact: call (479) 575-3420 or email [email protected]

Sam M. Walton College of Business

Recommended computers:

Walton College is a Windows centric college. If you prefer a Mac, loading Windows is advised.

» Dell that meets general recommendations
» Apple with 8GB RAM + Windows

Labs available in:

» WCOB 112
» JBHT room 222/220 ISYS classes/majors only

For WCOB lab hours of operation, locations, and lab specific equipment visit the Walton Technology Center

School of Law

Recommended computers:

» 1.6GHz Intel Core i5
» 8GB+ RAM
» 250GB+ Storage
» Dedicated Graphics Card
» Windows 10 or Mac OS 10.14 or newer

Need to Run Windows on a Mac?

Remote Lab (Virtual Desktop) - Free

Virtual desktop technology provides remote access to apps, as well as a reliable and secure user experience in computer labs. Visit Virtual Desktops page for more information and access request.

Dual-boot with Boot Camp

Boot Camp is built in to your Mac. It lets you choose to boot your computer with your Mac OS partition or your Windows partition. Boot Camp is ideal for running applications that are graphics intensive. Running Windows via Boot Camp on your Mac is required for architecture students and is recommended by Engineering degrees that use CAD.

What you’ll need:
  • A full copy of Windows 10 64-bit ($199.99)
  • A good, working knowledge of computers

Parallels is an app that lets you run Windows on your Mac without rebooting. It’s simple to install and is recommended for students who just need to run non-intensive applications like MS Office for Windows.

What you’ll need:
  • A full copy of Windows 10 64-bit ($199.99)
  • Parallels Desktop for Mac ($39.99)
The U of A Computer Store can install Windows for you.
Computer Store Installation Rates

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