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Departmental Special Order Form

Below is the order form for departmental special orders. This form is only to be used by university faculty and staff on behalf of students attending the commencement ceremony and can be used to order bulk amounts of stoles, cords, and extra regalia. Orders can also be placed for special order items like triple braided cords and non-standard stoles. Please note that the university only pays for the standard regalia noted here. Any special order items or extra regalia must be paid for by the department. After placing your order you will receive an email confirmation.

This form is not to be used for individual student regalia orders or faculty rental regalia orders.

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Contact Information

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Graduation Adornments and Special Orders

Please indicate the items your college/department would like to special order. As per the Registrar, the university only pays for one set of “standard” regalia and adornments per student. For more information please refer to the registrar office’s website.

L33 Double Sided Stole: Red and White

Double Honors Cord: Red and White

All requests for regalia other than the items above are purchased by the department themselves. Examples of the requests for additional items include:

  • Extra student regalia: caps, gowns, tassels, hoods.
  • Different colored stoles: all gold, all silver, all red, gold circle.
  • Specialty cords: triple braided cords, double braided cords, military cords.

Please give detailed information regarding the items you need including quantities:

Regalia for Delivery

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Questions about regalia and graduation accessories?

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