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The University of Arkansas Bookstore provides textbooks for sale in a variety of formats: New, Used, Rental and Digital. Each format has advantages and disadvantages. Each student should evaluate his or her textbook needs and select the best buying format.

New Textbooks

Mint condition, up to 50% buyback value
* Most Expensive

Used Textbooks

Saves 25% compared to new textbooks, up to 50% buyback value
* May contain highlighting, notes and worn pages

Rental Textbooks

Saves up to 65% from new textbooks
* No buyback value, no ownership

Digital Textbooks

Save space, protects the environment, cost can be lower
* No buyback value, access to text may expire

Textbook rental is available online and in-store. On average, textbook rental can save you up to 65%* on your textbooks when you buy textbooks from the U of A Bookstore. To learn more about Textbook Rental, visit the Textbook Rental FAQ section or call (479) 575-3010 to speak to a Textbook Department Representative.

* This percentage was calculated based on taking full advantage of course material tax credits eligibility, new texbook retail pricing, textbook rental pricing, and product availability.

The University of Arkansas Bookstore's textbook rental program will:

Textbook Rental FAQ

  • How can I rent a textbook?

    By visiting the University of Arkansas Bookstore at Garland Center, or by visiting U of A Bookstore Online.

  • What is needed to register for the Bookstore textbook rental program?

    A valid UARK email address (i.e. username@uark.edu) and Student ID Number.

  • What books are available to rent?

    Many textbook titles are available to rent at our in-store location and our online textbook rental site.

  • Can I write and highlight in the rental textbooks?

    Yes. General wear and tear of the textbook and minimal highlighting is allowed. However, because we want to supply our students with the best product possible, it is very important that you keep the books you have rented in the best possible condition.

  • What happens if the book is lost or damaged while being rented?

    If the textbook is determined unusable, you will be charged the replacement price of the book. Each textbook will be thoroughly inspected upon arrival to our store.

    Examples Include:

    • Include thousands of the most popular textbook titles for rental.
    • Save students money on the course materials they need to succeed academically.
    • Provide students with a new option for fulfilling their course materials needs.
    • Be available to students online at Bookstore Website for easy access.
    • Allow students renting in-store to choose their preferred form of payment.
    • Allow students the freedom to highlight and take notes within the normal limits.
    • Give students the choice to buy their textbooks at the end of the term if they want to keep them.

    Any damage to a textbook that the Bookstore determines will make the textbook unusable will result in a full list price charge.

  • What are the rental period options?

    You will be able to rent the textbooks for the full length of the term.

  • Will I receive a return date notification?

    Yes, you will receive an email from the Bookstore a week before finals week to cordially remind you of your textbook rental return date.

  • When is the rental textbook due back?

    Rental textbooks are due on the last day of finals.

  • What if I miss the return date?

    If the book(s) are returned after the return date has passed, you will be charged the full used retail price of the book(s).

  • What happens if I cancel a class or rented the wrong textbook?

    We understand that refunds will be requested from our customers for a number of reasons, including dropped or canceled classes. We provide a 3 week return period for full refund from the first day of classes for the Fall and Spring term, and a 1 week return period for Summer terms.

  • What if I want to purchase the textbook/s I rented?

    If you decide you would like to purchase your rental textbook before your rental period expires, please contact the U of A Bookstore, you will be charged the full used retail price of the book.

  • How do I check-in rental textbooks when I am through with them?

    To check-in your rental books, simply bring the rental textbook to the Bookstore at the info desk. The staff will process your rental books back into the system.

Bookstore Policy

FALL/ SPRING: You may return textbooks within the first 3 weeks of classes start; afterwards, 48 hours.
SUMMER: You may return textbooks within the first week of classes start; afterwards, 48 hours.
9-WEEKS: You may return textbooks within the first week of classes start; afterwards, 48 hours.

  • Textbook Department

  • BKST 219
  • 616 N. Garland Ave
  • Fayetteville AR, 72701

  • Ricky Carney (479) 575-7458 Email
  • Steve Pendleton (479) 575-3735 Email
  • Laura Smith (479) 575-3737 Email
  • Fax (479) 575-7760 Email

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